Quito S.I. Spanish Insititute

Quito S.I. Spanish Insititute as a branch of The International Bénédict Schools of Languages has been teaching the Spanish language fo foreigners since 1990.

In November 2002, Quito Spanish Institute became the first and only Spanish school in South America accredited by and associated to ” Instituto Cervantes de España ” – “Spain’s Cervantes Institute” – (“Centro Asociado”). This honor and certification is only given to Spanish schools that produce high quality Spanish courses with immersion programs that are in the best possible learning environment.

This accreditation given by Spain´s Cervantes Institute demonstrates not only Quito Spanish Institute high standards in teaching and that Quito S.I emphasizes on cultural issues.

This accreditation also authorizes Quito Spanish Institute to prepare candidates for the DELE (Diploma Español Lengua Extranjera) and administer the exam in all three of its levels.

Through this association with “Instituto Cervantes de España,” Quito Spanish Institute also can organize and sponsor various cultural events in coordination with the Spanish Embassy in Quito and the Cervantes Institute in Spain.


Our school is fully equipped with classrooms, language laboratory, audiovisual rooms, multimedia, Internet with e-mail service and  library.

Address and telephone numbers:

  1. Principal: Edmundo Chiriboga N47-133 y Jorge Páez  (la Prensa)
    Telefax: (593-2) 2432 729 – 2462 972 – 2269 542 Fax: 2272263

Our services include sending teachers to our other three locations in town:

    • Orellana: 9 de Octubre N27-09 y Orellana
      Teléfonos: (593-2) 2550 377 – 2547 672 – 2522 767 Fax: 2545338
    • San Rafael: Av. General Rumiñahui 035
      Teléfonos: (593-2) 2862 183 – 2865 119 – 2861 314
    • Villaflora: Cristóbal Tenorio 226 y Alonso de Angulo
      Teléfonos: (593-2) 2666 157 – 2666 170 – 2661 679

Or in-house teaching.

Quito Spanish Institute

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America, located on its northwestern shore, at the Equator. It is a mountainous country with the magnificent Andes crossing it from north to south like a huge backbone, with snow capped volcanic peaks, valleys and plateaus.

The Amazon basin is on the east and the coastal plains are on the west of this mountain range. All these features produce a varied and beautiful landscape. The Galapagos Islands are approximately 600 miles from the coast and are truly a natural biology and geology laboratory.

Ecuador has two languages: Spanish and Quichua (the common language of the natives). English is spoken in the main tourist, educational, cultural, and commercial centers.

The location of the country at the Equator, the influence of the high mountain range and the ocean currents determine the climate; in the highlands it is cool most of the year and in the coastal region it is warm.

Classes take place in Quito, Ecuador, the world’s second highest capital city (8,960 ft. above sea level). It was declared by the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site because of its outstanding collection of artistic and architectural treasures of Renaissance baroque style. It is a safe and peaceful city with spring-like weather all year round. From Quito, visitors can travel short distances in the highlands to snow capped volcanoes, to the Amazon jungle or to the sandy Pacific coast beaches.